4000 Watt Solar Generator | SOLGEN 40P24


4000 Watt Solar Generator with 4800 Wh 24V Storage & 500 W Solar Array, Expandable to 7200 Wh/750 W

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Product Description

4000 Watt Solar Generator | SOLGEN 40P24 – 4000 Watt 24V Solar Generator

4 kW / 12 kW Peak Pure Sine Wave Solar Generator with 4800 Wh 24 Volt Battery Storage & (2) 250 Watt Solar Panels

Connects Directly To Your Breaker Panel to Provide Power To Your Household 120v outlets… or it can also be used as a stand alone system.

This Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Generator does not feed power back to the grid and does not shut off during a power outage like normal “grid tied” solar generators.

Our Solar Generator Includes:
(4) 100Ah (4800 Wh) Deep Cycle Batteries, 12,000 Watt Peak/4000 Watt Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter, (2) 250 Watt Solar Panels, 60 Amp charge Controller With LCD Meter To Monitor Battery Status, and all Cables.
(2) 250 Watt Solar Panel for quick charging & 30 feet of MC4 solar panel cable – used to connect the panels to the generator. 

The inverter can utilize grid-power to charge the batteries and send the power out to your application using the built-in 40 amp battery charger. If the power does go down from the grid, this inverter is equipped with a seamless transition transfer switch, becoming a true UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) when you need it in emergency situations and natural disasters.

This system has an on board LCD screen showing you of any abnormalities on all parts of the system, giving you ample time to fix the issue and exactly where to look. This inverter charger also comes with an Auto Generator Start mode that can tell a generator to start up and begin providing charge to the batteries (through a separate charger on 120v genset) or providing power to the home.

Additional Batteries and Panels Can Be Added Depending On Your Energy Requirements. 

24 V input / 120 V output

Additional Information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 24 × 24 in




Run Times

2.5 days

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