1200 Watt Solar Generator with 100 Ah storage & 200 W Solar Array

Panel Brackets

Brackets for mounting one 100 W panel

Tilt Mount Stands

Tilt mount stand for one 100 W panel

Product Description

The SOLGEN 12M is a portable Solar Electric Generator / Power Backup system consisting of a 1200W power inverter, smart battery box with solar charge controller, one 100W Poly-crystalline solar panel, foldable hand cart, and one 12V 100 Ah sealed lead-acid battery. No need to connect to household wiring, just connect the folding solar panels into the battery box and you’re ready to go. The system supplies portable backup power for your basic needs wherever you go. It will provide relief for your basic electronics during a power outage or emergency. Basic electronics include TVs, lights, radios, fans, or small office equipment, like fax scanner, laptop, phone. Free power, no gas is needed! Virtually maintenance free, easy to move and quiet.  100 W Solar Panel has a 25 year manufacturer warranty and the internal electronics for 5 years.

Product Features

  • Portable solar electric generator /power backup system
  • Solar charger controller with folding solar panels
  • 1200 watts continuous running power inverter
  • Max 100 aH Battery storage 1200 watts
  • 100 watt solar panel
  • Foldable aluminum hand cart make it easy to move the system around

Technical Features

  • 100 watt solar panel
  • 10 amp Solar Charge Controller
  • 100 Ah Battery storage
  • 1200 watts continuous running power inverter
  • 2400 watt peak power supply (20 seconds)
  • 3x receptacles outlets 120 AC volts
  • 2 -USB 2.1A outlets 5 DC volts
  • 2 – 12 volt cigarette type connections

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

  • Whistler 1200W DC to AC inverter
  • 1200W Continuous output power
  • 11-Volt DC to 15.5-Volt DC input
  • High and low input voltage alarm and shut-down
  • Overload and short circuit protection and shut down
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Digital display of output voltage
  • Multiple AC output sockets
  • Multiple USB DC output ports

100W Solar Panels

  • polycrystalline
  • Voc: 21.60V, Vmp: 18.0V
  • Isc: 6.2 amp, Imp: 5.7 amp
  • Dimension: 1160x670x35(mm); 45.7×26.4×1.38(inch)
  • Weight: 8.9kg; 19.6 lbs

Solar charger controller

  • 12/24 V 10 AMP
  • PWM charging mode
  • Low Voltage reconnect
  • Build-in electronic fused
  • General switch

Additional Information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 12 x 36 in
Run Times

7 hours