Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Logistics

Yes, we have started shipping to Puerto Rico!


Shipping Options:

Option 1:  We ship your generator parts to an overseas shipper of your choice in Florida (e.i. CaribTrans, PR Logistics, Kestrel, Southeastern Freight) and, you arrange with them and pay them to ship your equipment overseas.

Option 2:  We ship to the port of San Juan for the recipient to pick up.

Option 3:  We ship to a residential address in Puerto Rico, if roadways are functional; this will likely require a lift gate at delivery, for which the shipper charges an additional $125.




Once you place your order, it takes 2-3 weeks for the generator to be built, shipped, and delivered.


Shipping Costs

$400-$800, depending on size, weight, and number of units which are shipped together (shipping 2-4 generators together lowers the cost per unit).


Recommended Generators:

To run a full size refrigerator, a few electronics, lights and fans, we recommend a 2500 Watt Generator with 3 to 4 batteries and, 300-600 Watts of solar panel power.  (Choose the SOLGEN 25P or the SOLGEN 25P24 and select number of batteries and panels.)

To run fewer and/or smaller items, 1-2 batteries and 150-300 Watts of solar panel power should cover your needs.  (Our smallest and most affordable unit is the SOLGEN 25M.)

To run more appliances (e.i. fridge, washer, electronics, lights, fans), consider a 4000 Watt system or higher.  (SOLGEN 40P24, SOLGEN 40S, OR SOLGEN 50P24.)



The generators usually ship in three parts—generator case, batteries, and solar panels.  This is the most cost effective and time efficient way to send them, even to Puerto Rico.

To consolidate and simplify overseas shipping, however, we can enclose the batteries in the generator box and secure to a pallet.  This incurs higher freight costs, including a lift gate at pick up, as the pallet can weigh 200-600 lbs.

We do not recommend attaching the solar panels to the pallet containing the case and batteries, as the risk of breakage is high.  It is best to ship the panels on their own pallet, which is why it is more cost effective per panel (and per unit) when 3-8 panels can be sent on one pallet.

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